Keep Your Chimney in Good Working Condition

Keep Your Chimney in Good Working Condition

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All chimneys today are supposed to be lined with clay tile, a cast-in-place flue or a metal liner, per most building codes. People may not realize that a chimney relining is also a form of chimney repair. This is important for fire safety and the structure of a home. With the exception of stainless steel liners, all of these liners deteriorate over time. Since a functioning chimney liner is essential to safe fireplace operation, you should have your chimney repaired or relined as needed. At SouthArk Chimney Services, we provide both services.

Your annual inspection will tell you the condition of your liner. Schedule a chimney repair or chimney relining appointment in and around Arkadelphia, AR as soon as possible.

What is a chimney liner?

There are two main functions of a chimney liner. No matter what kind you have, its purpose is to prevent heat from transferring to the combustible parts of a building. It also protects your chimney from the acidic gases that can destroy mortar. The liner must be the right size for the chimney or stove it's venting.

Your chimney liner is made of one of these types of materials:

  • Metal: A stainless steel or aluminum liner is highly recommended and can be used for gas, wood-burning and oil appliances.
  • Cast-in-place: A cement product that is poured along the outer walls of your chimney to create a well-insulated flue and add to the chimney's structural integrity.
  • Clay tile: A traditional clay tile flue can last for up to 50 years when installed properly.
  • Unlined Chimneys: These are not as safe as the other three options

We can also do crowncoating, can replace/repair/install chimney caps, we can waterproof chimneys, and do tuckpointing
It may be time for a chimney repair or chimney relining at your Arkadelphia, AR home. Call 870-703-6294 now for an inspection.

Schedule a chimney repair appointment in Arkadelphia, AR

Your chimney prevents gas and smoke from collecting in your home while you're enjoying a warm fire. If your chimney is broken, you could be exposing your home to a wide range of problems. SouthArk Chimney Services makes sure that your home is protected from potential fires that could start inside your chimney.

On top of helping you feel safe inside your home, our chimney repair services will increase the lifespan of your chimney. Contact our team today to schedule a chimney repair appointment in Arkadelphia, AR.